what is thermowood?


ThermoWood is the brand name for a heat treatment process that timber goes through to improve the durability and stability of the boards, making it an ideal timber for outdoor use.


The Novathermowood Process:
Phase 1: Drying; Temperature of wood is rapidly raised to 100°C. Following this rapid heating, temperature is increased steadily to 130°C, the wood is dried, and its moisture content is reduced to zero.

Phase 2: Heat Treatment; Temperature is increased to 180°C (for Thermo S) or to 212°C (for Thermo D) using steam. After the target level is reached, temperature remains constant for 2 to 3 hours.

Phase 3: Cooling and Conditioning; In the final stage, temperature is reduced to 80-90°C by water spray. This process continues until the moisture content reaches 4 to 6%.

100% natural.

The wood is free from resin and chemicals. No chemicals are used during the production process.


ThermoWood products contain no environmental or health hazards. They are produced from renewable forests, are environmentally friendly, sanitary, recyclable and durable.


Thanks to its low water absorption, ThermoWood maintains its durability in all weather conditions. It is longer lasting than regular wood. The low moisture content also prevents decay and fungi growth.


ThermoWood’s bending and twisting characteristics are reduced by 90%, compared to ordinary wood.


 ThermoWood is 30% more fire resistant than regular wood.


ThermoWood is completely protected from insects due to its low moisture content.


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