How do I maintain my decking area?

All timber decking areas will benefit from regular brushing with a stiff broom throughout the year however we recommend that every 6 months to a year you give the area a more thorough clean using a pressure sprayer and a purpose made product like Prepdeck Cleaner. This product is formulated to remove layers of build up and discolouration, restoring the look of the timber. It also reduces the conditions that’s cause any surface to be slippery when wet. Unless you use pigmented/natural UV plus oil, the timber will gradually fade to grey. If this is not your desired look then we recommend oiling the area after you have let the area dry after cleaning to maintain the colour. Beware of using paints and stains because these will chip and flake off giving you even more maintenance and the deck will look a mess if the surface you are applying it to is not properly prepared.