ThermoWood Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Board Lengths: Sold in mixed lengths from 500mm – 1.8m
Please contact us for other sizes and Trade pricing.

Due to their high durability, rich color, and design options, our engineered floorings are a good solution for offices, restaurants, hotels, plazas, and housing.

The raw materials are provided from the most valuable oak trees of Croatia and they become modern, high strength building products by going through a sensitive production process in our facility.

Our Engineered Floorings offer different surface options like lacquered, oiled, brushed and hand scraped. They also have different dimension alternatives in 120 mm / 150 mm / 190 mm / 205 mm / 225 mm / 255 mm widths. Our engineered floorings offer the unique naturality of the wood for different application areas (floor heating etc.).


TT - 1951

TT - 1683

TT - 681

TT - 1473

TT - 1453

TT - 1277

TT - 1187

TT - 630

TT - 622

TT - 1916

TT - 1516

TT - 1974

25 Year Biological Life

100% Natural

High Quality


Eco Friendly Product

– The ThermoWood process is a process of heat and steam, no chemicals are used.
– This material not harmful to the environment.

What is ThermoWood?

ThermoWood is a thermal modification procedure that preserves wood in its most natural and flawless state for a life-long journey. The “ThermoWood method” involves a carefully computer controlled heat and steam process up to 210 degrees C.

Besides the preservation, the ThermoWood process also causes certain chemical changes in wood. Not only does the color darken but the stability, decay resistance and insulation properties are largely increased after the process is complete.

The ThermoWood method, brand, and logo can only by the used by members of the International ThermoWood Association.

Colour Variation

Ash is known for its light colouring but once treated it displays a rich dark colour and attractive grain. With all stable timbers you can use different coloured timbers to create patterns and highlight specific areas like floor perimeters, steps, ramps and changes in levels. You do not need to restrict yourself to one type of timber for the entire project whether it’s decking, cladding, flooring or decorative panelling.

Samples vary in colour so we recommend that you visit a display or show area where you can really get an understanding of what the boards will look and feel like. QTD have their very own unique show areas, why not  come and visit us!


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