Below you can see our range of Softwood Cladding Materials. There is a selection of colours to suit all projects and each species has 20+years of Durability as well as being the most highly durable Softwood Cladding Materials internationally. 

pressure Treated cladding and Fencing

Feather edge profile

(Colour Options)

ThermoWood Pine Softwood Cladding

Siberian Royal Grade

ThermoWood Pine Softwood Cladding

Siberian Clear Grade

western red cedar


What is ThermoWood?

ThermoWood is a thermal modification procedure that preserves wood in its most natural and flawless state for a life-long journey. The “ThermoWood method” involves a carefully computer controlled heat and steam process up to 210 degrees C.

Besides the preservation, the ThermoWood process also causes certain chemical changes in wood. Not only does the color darken but the stability, decay resistance and insulation properties are largely increased after the process is complete.

The ThermoWood method, brand, and logo can only by the used by members of the International ThermoWood Association.

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