Here at QTD we really love to get to know our client’s projects. Uni Student, Sara Kliczka, used ThermoWood Ash for her 1:1 final project which was extremely well designed and thought through. We couldn’t wait to see the final outcome!

Sara: “My project is a gallery on a bridge of sustainable interior design. The main structure of this gallery-cafe would be a set of pillars supporting the glazed roof and the mezzanine. The grid for the pillars is not accidental but is dictated by Braille alphabet meaning ‘re connect with nature’. As I wanted to avoid any harmful chemicals within the gallery I decided to use Thermally Treated Ash Wood for the cladding of about 60 pillars. Below you’ll find pictures of model making of 1:1 part of the pillar, showing bead blasted stainless steel cross column and cladding made with thermally treated wood.”