QTD’s first ever ‘Bite Size Bit’ Video!

This is QTD’s first ever video, here you will see our Director Chris Sidey talk about what ‘ThermoWood’ actually is and why it benefits the client.

Definitely worth watching until the end!! #Bloopers

The Novathermowood Process:

Phase 1: Drying; Temperature of wood is rapidly raised to 100°C. Following this rapid heating, temperature is increased steadily to 130°C, the wood is dried, and its moisture content is reduced to zero.

Phase 2: Heat Treatment; Temperature is increased to 180°C (for Thermo S) or to 212°C (for Thermo D) using steam. After the target level is reached, temperature remains constant for 2 to 3 hours.

Phase 3: Cooling and Conditioning; In the final stage, temperature is reduced to 80-90°C by water spray. This process continues until the moisture content reaches 4 to 6%.