All of our Timber Planters are of a standard size however they can also be made to measure. If you need something a little bigger or smaller or something to suite your needs you have come to the right place, we have a wide range of different material to choose from whether you wanted your Bespoke Planters in ThermoWood or Composite. QTD are here waiting to work with you. Give us a call or request a quote with your required measurements and we will get back to you with some options.


You can you choose any material listed on our website, including ThermoWood Ash, ThermoWood Iroko, ThermoWood Pine or any composite material such as, Millboard or TimberTech. 

Orca Polyresin Planter


Handcrafted in Vietnam by local artisans using traditional laquering techniques. Minor divergences in colour, dimension and shape are the result of each craftmans skills and contribute to the uniqueness of the piece.

30 Year Biological Life

100% Natural

High Quality

What is ThermoWood?

ThermoWood is a thermal modification procedure that preserves wood in its most natural and flawless state for a life-long journey. The “ThermoWood method” involves a carefully computer controlled heat and steam process up to 210 degrees C.

Besides the preservation, the ThermoWood process also causes certain chemical changes in wood. Not only does the color darken but the stability, decay resistance and insulation properties are largely increased after the process is complete.

The ThermoWood method, brand, and logo can only by the used by members of the International ThermoWood Association.

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