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NewTechWood UltraShield®
Composite Cladding

Price per linear metre (Exc VAT) (Inc VAT)
Shiplap (13 x 141mm)
Price per M2





Shadow Line (13 x 142mm)
Price per M2





Board Lengths: 2.8m, 3.6m

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Westminster Light Grey


Icelandic Smoke White


English Oak


Peruvian Teak


Hawaiian Charcoal

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    Shadow Line Profile

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    Shiplap Profile

Product Description

The NewTechwood Ultrashield provides an impermeable layer, splitting is not able to occur on the surface of the board, therefore, giving UltraShield a longer life span than regular uncapped composites.The shield provides protection from the core of the board and prevents mold and mildew from growing and eating at the board.

Colour Fading
The unique formulation of the Ultrashield ensures its colour stays much longer compared to conventional composite decking. The result of many hours of testing have shown that the colour is steadfast and has only shown to have very minor changes in colour over many years.

Painting or Oiling
The multichromatic colours are a part of the Ultrashield’s formulation meaning that you will never have to paint, sand, or oil again.

Eco Friendly Product
The core is made from carefully selected recycled material and highly dense recycled hardwood and softwood fibres that allow for greater strength and durability, and best of all it’s 100% recyclable.

Cladding Profiles

Shiplap 13 x 141mm


Shadow Line 13 x142mm





‘L’ Shape Corner Fascia
40 x 40mm x 2.8m long



End Corner Fascia
46.2 x 44.2mm x 2.8m long


Joint Fascia
79 x 26.7mm x 2.8m long



Outer Corner Fascia
58.2 x 58.2mm x 2.8m long



Inner Corner Fascia
71.5 x 71.5mm x 2.8m long





Fixing Method
Aluminium Rail:

This rail is designed to be fixed at the bottom, to fix the first cladding board onto the joist.

Finishing Board Rubber Spacer:
This small rubber spacer is to be installed on the top joist to support the last board at the top.

Fixing Clip:
The compatible cladding clip holds the boards perfectly. It does not only connect the boards and raise them up from the joists, it allows for air circulation between the cladding and joists, keeping the inside dry and isolating water from outside. The clip also allows for the boards’ to expand and contract readily and at the same time with an addition of a screw it can be used as a locking clip to control the direction of the expansion and contraction.

Board Spacing:
This will be created with which ever profile you choose to go with.

Joist Spacing:
We recommend 600mm centre to centre joist spacing for a standard area, projects may vary.

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