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Millboard Enhanced Grain Composite Decking
32 x 176mm x 3.6m

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    EG Coppered Oak

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    EG Jarrah


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Product Description

The Enhanced Grain range recreates the look and feel of real timber. These composite boards have been moulded from rough oak timber boards to create a very real texture and look throughout the boards. Millboard is extremely versatile and can be used in practically every outdoor space. Create decks, balconies, roof gardens, boardwalks, bridges, pontoons, seating, steps, planters and more.
With all the Millboard range you can use different colours to create a pattern or highlight certain areas like deck perimeters or steps and changes in levels.
Colour Variation

Millboard advise buying all the boards you need at the same time to help ensure that the colour is as consistent as possible. If you don’t order all your Millboard at once, you can blend different batches to create only subtle variation throughout your space.

Samples may vary in colour so we recommend that you go visit a display or show area where you can really get an understanding of what the boards will look and feel like. QTD have their very own unique show areas, why not come and visit!

What’s it made out of?

Millboard composite decking is made up with Polyurethane Resin, fibreglass strands & mineral composite with a Lastane® surface.

The Lastane® finish is highly resistant to scratches and food and drink stains, and everyday wear and tear. Sharp objects such as unprotected table or chair legs, spiked shoes or metal planter bases can leave marks if dragged across the surface, so take care when moving these items around.

All styles of Millboard achieve one of the highest anti-slip ratings, even in wet conditions.

All the boards are surface sealed in the factory to ensure they arrive in premium condition. In the first few weeks of use, rainwater will sit on the surface in globules, but don’t worry this is normal and will stop once the temporary mould surface release seal breaks down.

Find out more with the Enhanced Grain Product Spec, FREE PDF Download

Fixing and Finishing Methods

Hidden Fixings:

Millboard uses their small headed stainless screws called Durafix. There’s no pre-drilling or countersinking needed. You can simply screw through the surface of the board and thanks to the flexible Lastane® surface the screw disappears below the surface leaving virtually no mark and creating a really clean finish.

To be used for Deckboards 4.5 x 60mm Durafix Stainless Steel Screws

Approx number of screws required is 22 per board


Touch Up Coating:
This is a coating that can be used to blend in any cut ends. There are seven different colours that will match with your deckboards.

We would advise to finish off your decking area with Millboards matching Fascia & Edging however depending on your project you can use this coating on any exposed ends. Please note any ends will turn yellow when exposed to UV light/Sunlight so we would advise coating all exposed ends.

The boards can be cut with standard saw blades, although Millboard recommend a carbon-tipped, multi-purposed chop saw. As the formed end of the moulded board should be squared up and trimmed off this can either be placed in a less visible area or touched up with the matching paint. Using the matching fascia and edging boards will add a more professional finish. Please note Millboard offcuts cannot be burnt and have to be sent to landfill sites.

Pro Installers

QTD are pro installers of Millboard Composite decking. We have been supplying and installing millboard since 2010.

If you are interested in an install estimation please give us a call 0118 373 2211


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