An existing Hot tub that was 100mm off centre. Sorrounded by frost cracked bricks and an old twisted deck. The Hot-tub was also the only thing that was level compared to its sorroundings.

To create a Circular Fan Shaped deck with individually tapered boards that were all the same size.

We removed the old deck that was supported inside a sunken well. Build up a new frame that finished higher and extended out to cover the blockwork making it a more usable area. We recommended to the client the colour options available using Millboard. Coppered Oak which has a lastane grained surface, matched the hot-tub and Golden Oak to show the compass points which we felt would add interest. We also fitted a solid brass lettering to indicate N.S.E.W. and Solid Brass recessed cabin locker rings to lift the maintenance hatch. The flush fitted lights set the mood for the evenings.

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