ClickitUp® Glass Balustrade

”ClickitUp® Glass Balustrade is more than just a balustrade. In elevated position, ClickitUp® becomes a perfect wind screen.”

ClickitUp® is a glass balustrade system first but comes packed with a host of features and benefits that confer a number of advantages. 

  • No other system offers the option of a second pane of glass that when raised, serves as an effective wind break which also reduces noise.
  • ClickitUp® is the only system that offers gated access, making the system safe to use in the home for the young and vulnerable and bringing new levels of flexibility to commercial users.

Suitable for:

Patio, terrace, decked areas, pools, spas and hot-tubs, water features, fire pits, etc.
Balcony decks, restaurants, bar areas, offices, banks, etc. (Occupancy Class 3 Building Regulations B1)

Screens, meeting areas, external dining areas in bars and restaurants, as multi-use “concessions” where units are formed into enclosed units with gated access

Marine grade aluminium, stainless steel, toughened glass and austenitic fixings, sealed gas springs – suitable for use in all environments including coastal locations.

NOTE – Fitting, we recommend fixing to either a concrete or steel base, we cannot advise here on the requirements for fixing to the structure, your builder or installer will be best placed to ascertain the preferred method of fixing.

NB – The frame-less glass corner must be fixed to either a steel or concrete base.


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