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Brushed Surface Finish
Available on all ThermoWood Products


Price per M2 £3.50 ex vat


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Product Description

We are able to forefront the texture of the wood with a brushed surface so that you can feel the texture and naturalness of your cladding or decking. By clearing off the soft parts of the grain which are inherent in the wood by a secondary process surface checks are being delayed. brushing effect can be applied to all sizes and to all wood species.

Our Partnership with Novawood


QTD have been partners with Novawood for many years now and over this time we have been working with them to bring the ThermoWood technology into the UK. We can provide you with Novathermowood and our unrivalled expertise in building with the product. We have created a strong bond which allows us to supply the UK with quality and environmentally friendly thermally treated timber. We can provide you with thermally treated Deckboards, Cladding Boards and Engineered Flooring and much more allowing you to add that all important value added quality and sophistication to your project

Colour Variation

Ash is known for its light colouring but once treated it displays a rich dark colour and attractive grain. With all stable timbers you can use different coloured timbers to create patterns and highlight specific areas like deck perimeters, steps, ramps and changes in levels. You do not need to restrict yourself to one type of timber for the entire project whether it’s decking, cladding, flooring or decorative panelling.

Samples vary in colour so we recommend that you visit a display or show area where you can really get an understanding of what the boards will look and feel like. QTD have their very own unique show areas, why not come and visit us!

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