Balau Tropical Hardwood Decking

Board Lengths: 2.13m, 2.44m, 2.74m, 3.05m, 3.35m, 3.66m
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Balau Tropical Hardwood Decking is a tropical hardwood that is sourced from Asia, it is most popular for its use within the construction industry. Over recent years it has significantly increased in popularity in both Europe and America, especially with customers recognising the attributes that make it particularly suitable for use in garden decking. In other words, this species is a very durable hardwood.

Is Balau Tropical Hardwood Decking suitable for an area with a considerable amount of public use?

Here at QTD we like to be up front and honest with our customers. Therefore, If you are going to be using this timber in a ‘well used’ area and you really do love the look and feel of Balau Tropical Hardwood Decking then you can also ask us to source 28mm thick boards which will be more stable than 21mm. Alternatively, we would recommend you go for a more stable species such as thermally treated timbers or Ipe Hardwood as these boards can handle more use.


What colour is Balau Tropical Hardwood Decking?

Balau Tropical Hardwood Decking offers a unique colour range which will add beauty to any outdoor area. It has been recognised by high end customers for its beautiful tones within the board. The colour ranges from light browns to sandy red/orange shades.

However, with all stable timbers you can use different coloured timbers to create patterns and highlight specific areas like deck perimeters, steps, ramps and changes in levels. Therefore, you do not need to restrict yourself to one type of timber for the entire project whether it’s decking, cladding, flooring or decorative panelling.

Grading Guidelines 

Grading guidelines allow for Balau Tropical Hardwood Decking to contain small holes known as pinworm. However, these are in no way detrimental to the structure of the timber.

Can I view a panel of Balau Tropical Hardwood Decking in natural daylight?

Samples vary in colour and so for this reason we recommend that you visit a display or show area because you can really get an understanding of what the boards will look and feel like. QTD have their very own unique show areas, why not come and visit us!

Fixing and Finishing Methods

Face Fixings:

This is a standard method where you simply screw through the top face of the board (pre-drill first if using hardwood) two screws per joist about 25mm in from each side of the board.


Board Spacing:

We recommend leaving a 5mm gap between each board. Our Hidden fixings will do this automatically for you but if you are using the face fixing method you can purchase our Deck Spacers to create that gap for you. They also show you how far in to position the screws.


Joist Spacing:

We recommend 400mm centre to centre joist spacing for a standard decking area, projects may vary.

End Grain Sealer:

When the timber starts to dry out it loses the moisture quicker through the ends of the timber hence the characteristics of grain checking and opening up. Clear wax sealer seals the timber ends and slows down the moisture loss to a more controlled process, thus preventing this cracking. This is especially useful because cutting off the damaged ends not only becomes an expensive waste of timber, but may mean the difference between having the right length of timber for your project or it being several centimetres too short.
We recommend using our Messmers End Grain Wax Sealer to prevent the boards from grain checking.

Oil Finish:

Oiling the boards will help you to retain the dark rich colours within the boards. This product contains UV filters to delay the silvering process that strong sunlight causes in all timbers. We recommend our Messmers UV Plus Oil.

It costs £7.00/square metre to have the boards Pre-oiled, please let us know if you would like this option.


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