Atelier Cladding and Decking for Exterior & Interior Projects
A specialist and bespoke process using Thermally Modified Ash Hardwood with a Brushed Grain surface.

Available Sizes:

20/21/25 x 42mm
20/21/25 x 92mm
20/21/25 x 115mm
20/21/25 x 130mm
20/21/25 x 150mm

After 18 months of research, new to 2018/19 we launched our Atelier Cladding & Decking Collection. The creation and development of our Atelier Collection is a first in this market and we will continue to innovate and push the boundaries using the latest technology to provide you with bespoke modern material.


Supplying and building with specialist hardwoods and ThermoWoods on external projects puts us in the unique position of understanding what does and doesn’t work in the UK climate. We are therefore in the unique position of passing on our expertise and guidance in helping you to make the right choice when it comes to your project.

The Atelier Collection uses a 2 coat UV resistant system with a washable surface. We have a wide range of colours and profiles available, all inclusive.


* FSC Certified
* 100% Recyclable
* Extremely Stable
* 30+yrs Durability * High Impact Resistance
* Hidden Fixings
* Low Maintenance
*Standard Class B Fire rating. (Option available for Class 0 & Class 1)
* Competitively priced

No two boards are the same with its attractive natural brushed grain




Air Blue Opal

Cobalt Blue


Red Magma







White Opal

Smoked Topaz




30 Year Biological Life

100% Natural

High Quality


Eco Friendly Product

– The ThermoWood process is a process of heat and steam, no chemicals are used.
– This material not harmful to the environment.

Why choose ‘Thermally Treated’ timber?


  • 100% Natural
  • Free of Chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • 25 Year Biological Life


  • 25+years of Durability
  • Resins and sugars removed
  • Improved durability against fungus and insect attack
  • Highly durable against all weather conditions


  • High heat treatment removes internal stress
  • Moisture Content & Permeability is reduced.
  • Cupping and Twisting minimized
  • Expansion and Shrinkage minimized



  • 100% Natural
  • Free of Chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • 25 Year Biological Life


  • 25+years of Durability
  • Resins and sugars removed
  • Improved durability against fungus and insect attack
  • Highly durable against all weather conditions
  • Ecological
  • 100% Natural
  • Free of Chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • 25 Year Biological Life

Finishing and fixing

Hidden Fixings:
You have the option of using our hidden cladding clip fixing with the Palma cladding profile. The hidden clip system allows you to display your cladding boards with no visual sight of screws in the boards. The additional advantage is that if you wish to modify the cladding elevation at a latter date you can remove the boards and re-use them. 

Finishing Brad nails:

Because the Thermowood Cladding is stable and does not cup or twist you can use Stainless Steel Finishing brad nail/pins and depending on the profile you choose, these can be fixed into the profile at an angle of 45 degrees. If you are unsure of the holding strength of a 50mm pin, a bead of flexible silicone can be applied to the batten prior to fixing each cladding board. This will give you a clean appearance to the surface of your timber cladding as they virtually disappear from view. 

Face Fixings:
Standard practise has always been to screw or nail through the face of the cladding which is unsightly and can split the timber. If you wish to do so simply pre-drill stainless screws through the face of the board into the sub-frame to avoid damaging the boards.

Board Spacing:
This will be created regardless of the profile you choose to go with. Do not ram the boards together tightly when fixing so that you allow for any minor movements that can occur with the changes in UK climate. Allowing approximately 1mm will be sufficient for most circumstances.


Cladding Batten Spacing:
We recommend 400mm centre to centre joist spacing for a standard area, projects may vary.

End Grain Sealer:
When the timber starts to dry out it loses the moisture quicker through the ends of the timber hence the characteristics of grain checking and opening up. Clear wax sealer seals the timber ends and slows down the moisture loss to a more controlled process, thus preventing this cracking. This is especially useful because cutting off the damaged ends not only becomes an expensive waste of timber, but may mean the difference between having the right length of timber for your project or it being several centimetres too short.

We recommend using our Messmers End Grain Wax Sealer to prevent the board ends from checking.


“I am currently in the process of planning my build
project through QTD, I have had a meeting with Chris,who went through all my cladding options with me highlighting all the pro’s and very little cons. I fell inlove with the Atelier Interior and Exterior Cladding, I am particularly impressed with the range of colours that are available. Chris kindly provided me with a collection of samples so I could get a real feel of what the cladding will look at feel like. I ran a few of my own tests in regards to how washable the surface is as I have 3 young children, who can make a lot of mess. So it is very reasuring to know if they decide to get their paint brushes and pens out again I am able to wash the wall down easily, with no marks left. All in all I am very pleased with the service provided so far and
I am looking forward to begin the build.”

Mike, Hampshire

“As an architect it can sometimes be difficult
finding the perfect material to match the project,
I came across QTD’s website and decided to book a showroom visit so I could discuss my idea. I came across the Atelier Interior Panels and they were perfect, I had 18 different colours to choose from and my customer was over the moon. He chose Bahama and we can’t wait to see what the
fiinished project will look like.”

Daisy, Oxford

“I had began my new build back in March 2017, they are never smooth sailing so it took a lot longer to order my cladding than I had hoped. QTD were very patient with me and had also let me know they had just launched the Atelier Interior Panels, I had a look in their showroom and I was amazed. It’s a beautiful product and it will look so nice on my new build.”

Andrew, Kent

What is ThermoWood?

ThermoWood is a thermal modification procedure that preserves wood in its most natural and flawless state for a life-long journey. The “ThermoWood method” involves a carefully computer controlled heat and steam process up to 210 degrees C.

Besides the preservation, the ThermoWood process also causes certain chemical changes in wood. Not only does the color darken but the stability, decay resistance and insulation properties are largely increased after the process is complete.

The ThermoWood method, brand, and logo can only by the used by members of the International ThermoWood Association.

Colour Variation

Samples vary in grain structure and texture along with very minor variations in colour depending on what you have chosen, so we recommend that you visit a display or show area where you can really get an understanding of what the boards will look and feel like. QTD have their very own unique show areas, why not come and visit us!


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